Welcome to our FAQ page.

Which payment methods are accepted in your online Shop?
We accept Paypal but customers can also use their credit cards on Paypal without even making an account.
How long will delivery take?
Delivery is 11-30 business days to most countries. Deliveries to the UK are especially fast and can normally reach the customer in around 7 days. However some countries do take longer and extra time should be allowed.
Do you write Weight Loss Pills on the box? Is my privacy protected?
To protect our customer's privacy, all orders are posted in a plain padded envelope/box with no mention of the exact contents. The category we write on your box is "Toiletries" which is a broad category that encompasses many different products.
What exactly happens after ordering?
As soon as we receive your order, it is picked, packed and placed in the next shipment which will either leave the following day or that exact same day. DHL come to collect all the new orders 6 days a week.  
Do I receive an invoice for my order?
No invoice is put inside the box/envelope but you can easily print off your own invoice from Paypal in just a few minutes.